Lettuce or Inconel?

It seems difficult to imagine a situation where lettuce and Inconel would be mentioned in the same conversation; until…

One morning touring a precision manufacturing facility producing critical aerospace parts, a site I’ve subsequently got to know well over the years, and continue to be impressed with investment in new tooling; current / future projects; staff development; and company growth.

… this question was asked.

“tell me, what difficulties have you found with other recruiters?”

The response was short and swift – “wrong cv’s”.

“OK”, says I, “please explain”.

“There was an agency who recently forwarded a c.v. of someone working in a sandwich factory running a CNC lettuce chopping machine”.

Gazing around at the new DMG Mori 5-axis centres with live probing and finishing parts to 6 microns the resigned frustration of the Manufacturing Lead was clear.

“So you want someone who can cut Inconel, not lettuce?”


The tour continued…

Posted on Mar 03, 2021.

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